High-end shipping for valuable items is complicated. ARTA takes the complication and streamlines the process to something simple and quick.

Our mission is to make the world of high-end shipping and logistic more efficient by streamlining the process of gathering quotes from our network of qualified shippers using technology and our teams’ expert knowledge in the field of shipping and logistics.

The Story

The idea for ARTA came about while Adam Fields was vice president of Artspace.com, a website that partners with galleries, non-profit organizations, and museums around the world to make art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. But while running the logistics operations of the company, Adam became hyper-aware of the difficulties that came with shipping art once it’s been purchased.

“As a human in the world today, when you’re shopping online you’re used to putting something in your cart, checking out, seeing a shipping price, and then knowing that you’ll see the package arrive in a few days. When it comes to art, that’s not really the case—you can buy something that costs a million dollars and weighs 50 pounds, and you’re not going to want to ship that via FedEx.”

— Adam Fields, Founder and CEO

Adam saw the potential for a company that could change the experience of shipping any expensive, fragile objects via specialized transport providers. Instead of spending hours contacting shipping vendors at random, there could be a team of knowledgeable people who could do it for you, more efficiently. With a database of over 300 trusted high-end, specialized shipping vendors, ARTA will contact the right vendors on your behalf, and in 24 hours you’ll receive the best quotes. ARTA makes shipping items that are expensive and fragile, simple and at the best price possible.

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