Our Story

Shipping high-end goods is complicated, time consuming and expensive.

We’ve all been there: Search the entire internet for the perfect shipper. Start calling vendors at random. Play phone tag. Receive a quote with no cost breakdown. Spend hours comparing fees (nothing matches). Fax in your authorization. Realize nobody has a fax machine anymore! Call for updates. Repeat until surrender.

ARTA founder and CEO Adam Fields experienced these frustrations firsthand. While running operations and logistics for Artspace.com, it became apparent that an unnecessary amount of time, money, and resources were focused on post-sale coordination for both online and offline sellers. He left to start ARTA and streamline this process, replacing pen and paper with modern technology and a team of industry experts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable sellers and empower buyers by bringing efficiency and transparency to the world of high-end, specialized logistics.

Our Team

ARTA is not just a technology platform. We're a passionate, experienced team working every day to solve complicated problems and make your lives easier.

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