API Pricing

What you get with the ARTA API

The ARTA API can be integrated directly into customer-facing platforms and mobile apps, internal operations systems, or even sales associate applications. Our API uniquely gives you access to technology, fulfillment execution, domestic and global transportation options, and solutions for any object type no matter the size, weight, or handling requirements.

Our API includes a suite of robust features:

  • ARTA Instant Quote - An intelligent instant quote system that returns multiple rates for the most appropriate shipping methods & services based on dynamic rules. Our API rates have global coverage for everything from white glove specialized shipping to parcel shipping, as well as first and final mile services such as insurance, packing, installation and more.
  • ARTA Packing & Dimension Predictor - Receive packing recommendations instantly for any object shipping via any transportation mode, anywhere in the world. As premium logistics providers often need 3 dimensions in order to accurately quote for shipping and services, our tools will predict a 3rd dimension for items where only two dimensions are provided. Recommendations are based on the powerful combination of years of data intelligence and the knowledge of our expert shipping team.
  • ARTA Order Processing - Buyer ready to check out? Ops team ready to release the shipment? Book your shipment via the API without needing to ever log in to another vendor dashboard. Your operations team can access and organize all of their shipments and related documents in the ARTA Platform (for free!) to increase visibility into every moving piece in the fulfillment puzzle.
  • ARTA Fulfillment Flexibility - Access multi-carrier rates from parcel to premium, with side by side quotes that vary on price, level of service, and speed of delivery. Decide which service tiers to present to your customers, or show them all to give them complete autonomy of choice.
  • ARTA Shipment Tracking - Only have a tracking number but don’t know the parcel provider? No problem. Our system determines the vendor based on the tracking number alone. (And coming soon! One universal tracking system to provide customers and internal teams with visibility into tracking for any shipment at any time, including both white glove and parcel shipments.)


    We are pleased to offer various pricing options and commitment levels to best meet your business needs. While a complete integration with the ARTA API is the most effective and powerful way to harness ARTA’s offerings, if your team is eager to utilize ARTA right away, we also offer a temporary solution that can serve as a bridge until the integration can be completed. All API packages include free usage of the ARTA platform for unlimited team members.

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