Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive before a user has created an ARTA account.

Is ARTA a shipping company?
ARTA streamlines the process of receiving comparative quotes from high-end, specialized logistics companies focused on art and design. Our online platform simplifies booking and payment, and our team facilitates client-to-shipper communication from booking to delivery, including customs procedures.
Does ARTA only ship art?
ARTA works with high-end, specialized logistic providers that can handle a variety of needs, including but not limited to art, antiques, collectibles and exhibition materials.
How fast will I get quotes?
For shipments within a single country you will receive 2-4 quotes in about 24 hours, during business hours Monday - Friday. International shipments will receive 1-2 quotes within 48-72 hours.
How does ARTA curate their network?
The ARTA network is comprised of specialized logistics providers across the world who have a proven record of excellence and high quality services. ARTA’s Team is comprised of industry veterans with long-standing knowledge of reputable shipping companies, though we also rely on recommendations from trusted users.
What if I have specific shipping companies I want to work with?
We are happy to request quotes from shipping companies you’d prefer to work with, or have existing relationships with. On the quote request form, simply select “request specific shipping partners”.
What services can ARTA quote for?
ARTA can facilitate packing, crating, installation, rigging and all specialized logistics needs. Visit our Services page for a comprehensive list.
Does ARTA offer insurance?
Yes. We offer full risk coverage on any shipment booked through ARTA. Learn more about ARTA Transit Insurance on our Services page.
How do I pay?
Payment can be made via credit card by clicking the Select & Pay button below each quote. Alternative payment terms can be accommodated upon inquiry.
Do you need an account to pay for a shipment?
No. ARTA account holders can share quotes from their dashboard with anyone, whether or not they also have an ARTA account. This third party can select and pay for their preferred quote.
What if I have a tight deadline?
ARTA offers a variety of transport solutions including fine art shuttle, dedicated or exclusive trucks and freight transport when necessary to meet a specific timeline.
Does ARTA mark up shipping quotes?
No. ARTA takes a small percentage of every booking, which is listed as the “Service Fee” and itemized on every quote. Our costs are provided directly from our shipping partners, who often offer discounted and/or consolidated rates due to our long-standing relationships.


Our team is here to help at any point along the way via email, phone, text, or live chat on the website.

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