ARTA Services

Using our technology and industry expertise, the ARTA team can coordinate all shipping and ancillary services from our vetted network of 350+ global shipping partners.

Plus, we’ll aggregate all costs into a single quote for easy comparison and optimization.

Fine Art Shuttle
ARTA’s network of fine art shuttles offers you competitive rates and top-quality service and can accommodate most fine art shipments. Operated only by experienced art handlers, art shuttles are a great option for most shipments when crating isn’t required.
International Shipping
Crossing borders can be complicated. ARTA can help you with shipping across the globe, and you’ll get the same streamlined, efficient service you’ve come to expect from ARTA. Depending on your needs, we can offer air, ocean, and expedited options.
Exclusive Use
Tight deadlines, large shipments or high value artworks sometimes require special treatment. Moving the artwork directly from point A to point B with options for couriers and exact scheduling allows ARTA to make even the most difficult project come together within a specified time frame.
Freight Transport
International shipments all require a freight component at some point along the way. Our partners understand how to safely pack objects of all kinds, keeping them safe when their handled by an airline, ocean carrier or common carriers.
ARTA Transit Insurance
ARTA offers full-risk coverage on shipments booked within our network. Our wall-to-wall policy lets our clients rest easy, covering any damage received while in transit with a shipping partner booked through ARTA. As we offer lower rates than industry standard, our policy is the easiest and often least expensive option available for transit insurance.
Unlike general moving companies, the fine art service providers ARTA works with are knowledgeable and experienced with the specialized handling of fine art objects. Our partners —spanning most major cities across the globe—are well versed in working with complex installation requirements and handling all types of artistic materials.
Packing and Crating
ARTA’s shipping network can identify and execute the packing needs of your specific piece, always keeping safety as the top priority. ARTA can offer the entire range of packing options, from poly-wrapped frames in commercial bins to museum-grade crating. You can choose specific packing needs in our online shipment form, or based on the transport method, our partners will assess and advise on the ideal packing to keep an artwork safe in transit.
Art Fairs
ARTA can help manage the headache of art fair shipments from start to finish. We offer discounted rates and multiple quotes to transport your entire booth so you can confidently choose the best company available. We can also coordinate one-off or post-sale shipments, as well as on-site services such as installation and packing. Our team is generally available nights and weekends via phone, email, or text during major fairs.
Exhibition & Shipping Project Management
ARTA can organize multi-location shipments, traveling exhibitions or other complex shipping projects. Our team adds an additional layer of client services, streamlining the logistics between client and service provider. By securing multiple companies and aggregating costs in a single invoice, ARTA offers competitive rates without draining internal resources. ARTA is available by email and phone to sort out specifics and discuss ever-changing projects. If you have a special project you need assistance with, please fill out this form.
Disaster Preparedness/Response
The ARTA network is available for urgent transport before, during and after a crisis. Working with local and national agents to collect and pack on a tight timeline, we are available when you need an immediate response. With our experience and expertise, ARTA can offer quotes in real time as information comes in and changes occur.
Auction House Services
Working closely with most major auctions houses around the world, ARTA understands the specific needs and processes of each house from consignments to post-sale delivery. Online auction sales are also easily accommodated and shipped with absolute discretion, ensuring the highest level of privacy for the collector and safety of the artwork.


Our technology is constantly evolving in order to make shipping and logistics easier. That’s why we’ve developed our API, which can easily be integrated into inventory management systems.

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